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There are a number of factors the court will consider when dividing assets and liabilities during a divorce, such as:.

  • Divorce Laws in Florida.
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  • Divorce Laws in Florida.

If a marriage lasted only a short time, the judge in the case may be reluctant to award one spouse money which was primarily earned by the other. The judge may consider awarded alimony, child support, age, general health, training and employment when dividing assets.

Depending on the circumstances, a judge may order the marital home to be sold, and the proceeds divided. When minor children remain at home, this can be a fairly common determination.

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If one spouse feels strongly about remaining in the marital home, whether there are children or not , then the judge may award the other spouse additional money or assets, or fewer debts in order to make the split at least somewhat equitable. If the house is to be sold, but the real estate market is particularly bad at the time of the divorce, the judge may allow the couple to keep the home and sell it when the market increases. If one spouse feels he or she is not going to be treated fairly by the judge during the division of assets and liabilities, it might be worthwhile to try once more to negotiate a settlement prior to handing the decisions over to a Florida judge.

Couples who can create a marital settlement agreement can divide their assets in a way that best fits their particular situation without worrying about being bound by court orders. Having an experienced Ayo and Iken divorce attorney by your side to help negotiate an equitable settlement on your part can make all the difference in the end result.

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Who gets the house in a Florida divorce?

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10 Things to Know About Divorce for Florida Residents | teggepathfink.gq

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Who Keeps The House In A Naples, Florida Divorce?

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If form does not function, send inquiry to:. As far as the mortgage, if the spouse keeping the home cannot afford to refinance and remove the other party from the mortgage, the same problems can arise in terms of credit rating, as when the home sale is deferred. Also, if the party keeping the home defaults on the mortgage, both parties still may be sued for foreclosure, as they both remain on the loan. It's important to understand that pending the divorce, both spouses may not have equal access to the home.

This means the other spouse will be required to move out, regardless of actual legal ownership, pending the final judgment. The Court also may grant exclusive use and possession of a home to a spouse who needs it for a specific purpose, such as caring for the children more of the time or a spouse who is disabled and the home has been modified to accommodate that spouse. Simply requesting the home for sole use during the divorce because the parties no longer get along usually is not sufficient for the Court to grant that request.

If a spouse is granted exclusive use and possession of a home, the other spouse has to treat the home as though the parties were acquaintances or strangers — you must have permission to enter the home and can't expect to be let in, or to let yourself in, without permission, even if your name is still on the mortgage or deed.

If you're concerned about losing your home in a divorce, you need an experienced divorce attorney on your side. Contact us at Toggle navigation MENU. Non-marital vs.

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