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From here you can safely purchase a full legal UK Birth Certificate Replacement , suitable for both legal and family history uses.

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These certificates include parents details, which is often referred to as a Long-Form or A4 version. There are times when you need a copy of a birth certificate and time is of the essence.

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  7. This is especially true if you need the certificate to be sent outside of the UK. We offer 3 options to help our overseas clients in need of a fast service:.

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    Birth certificates come in two types: Long-form A4 and Short-form. The main difference between these two types is that the child's parents details are shown on the long-form version.

    What type of certificate will I get?

    These are now the only acceptable type for any official purpose and that's what we will send you. This service only applies to those births that have actually been registered with the UK authorities. Please note that it can take up to 18 months for the records to reach the UK from the overseas authorities so requests for recent births would need to be made to the specific in-country birth registrations department.

    Birth certificate

    If you are using the birth certificate to get a British Passport, regardless of where in the world you live, you can use the birth certificate without any additional validation. We would always recommend that you check with whoever you are presenting the certificate to, to see if an Apostille Stamp is needed.

    I needed my birth certificate to obtain my passport and they really came through for me. General Register Office Official information on births, adoptions, marriages, civil partnerships and deaths in England and Wales.

    The General Register Office holds a central copy of all birth, adoption, marriage, civil partnership and death registrations for England and Wales. This service allows you to search our historical birth and death indexes and order copies of registrations in a variety of formats including certificates, PDFs and Multilingual Standard Forms via the government's own official website.

    State & Territory Registry Certificates (births, deaths & marriages)

    Local Register Offices also hold records of events registered in their area. For events other than adoptions that were registered within the last 6 months for marriages this period is extended to 18 months , applications for certificates should be made to the Register Office in the district where the birth, death or marriage took place.

    How to use your birth certificate as money (updates and questions!)

    To use this service you will need: An e-mail address Full name and postal address Details of the registration you are applying for - e. Website Improvements Welcome to the new look website for the General Register Office which was updated on 12th September We are currently adding to our online indexes which will help you identify and apply for copies of our records.