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  3. Learn about the forms and procedures necessary to file for divorce in Massachusetts.
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Your separation agreement will become the legal document that states your rights and obligations after the divorce. Massachusetts family courts require that every couple with children under age 18 participate in parent education to prepare them for the task of parenting after divorce. After you complete the parent education program, you will receive a Parent Education Certificate that must be filed with the Court. At this time Massachusetts does not have an online program. Handling divorce papers online has never been more convenient.

Check if you qualify for an online divorce in Massachusetts. Valid grounds to get divorce in Massachusetts Grounds for an online divorce using OnlineDivorce. OnlineDivorce reviews Wesley H. I started my divorce on my own, spending loads of money on lawyer visits in the beginning. So I decided to google for other ways and using this site was so much more simple!

James V. I had a very successful business at the time. So, making sure I had the right forms was very very important during my divorce. I was so surprised at how easy and smooth this process was.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Massachusetts Divorce

I was initially gonna hire a lawyer but I found online divorce the next best option. No muss, no fuss divorce. Marco P. California is expensive and divorce can be even more expensive in the end but I can say that this site payed everything out for me to follow, from child support to alimony. My ex agreed to go this way as well so it was a much less expensive option for us. Tamara B.

Because of the whole dissolution of the marriage, I was struggling with two children and just in limbo with my husband at the time because of child support and alimony. I was a stay-at-home mom for 10 years. I just want to say that this site helped me sort it out. Thank you. Theresa S.

Financial Statements

I live in upstate NY and unfortunately one day I found myself in a situation for divorce. I was all out of whack, needed answers to take action. Enough was enough so I did it on this site. Everything was clear to understand, all forms and what to put in which box.

How to Complete a Joint Petition for Divorce in Massachusetts (A.K.A. "1A)

Livy B. I mean, using it was so easy to follow. So, if you find yourself in this situation do your divorce here if possible. Documents for all stages, alimony, child support and all! Want an easy divorce? Join thousands and do your divorce documents online in an affordable way. Custody of the child in Massachusetts If there are children involved in a divorce, the couple will need to determine how custody should be handled. Rules for child support in Massachusetts Massachusetts has put into place state-mandated child support guidelines which will apply in almost every case, barring extraordinary circumstances.

Either or both parents may be ordered to pay child support, based upon these factors: The financial resources of the child; The standard of living the child would have enjoyed if the marriage had not been dissolved; The physical and emotional conditions and educational and medical needs of the child; The financial resources, requirements, and obligations of both the noncustodial and the custodial parent; The age of the child; The cost of any daycare; The parenting plan for the child; The needs of any other person that a parent is obligated to support; and The provision of health and medical insurance for the child.

Uncontested Massachusetts divorce with children. Save more time for your children - complete your divorce papers online. Rules for spousal support in Massachusetts Alimony is sometimes ordered to help a spouse live in the means established during the marriage. The factors to be considered are: The contribution of each spouse towards property; The duration of the marriage; The current age and health of the spouses; The jobs held by the spouses; The amount of and sources of income of the spouses; Any vocational skills of the spouses; The employability of the spouses; The debts and needs of each spouse and the opportunity of each for further acquisition of such; The conduct of the parties during the marriage [if the grounds for divorce are fault-based]; Any health insurance coverage; and The present and future needs of any children of the marriage.

Property division in Massachusetts When a couple chooses to divorce in Massachusetts, they must distribute property in a fair and agreeable manner. Offline and inconvenient process with attorney representation for each spouse.

Costly attorney fees resulting in unpredictable expenditures. Overall lenghty and expensive way to go.

Learn about the forms and procedures necessary to file for divorce in Massachusetts.

The premier uncontested divorce tool. Fully-guided, fast and affordable process. Experienced and reliable online divorce service using top-notch technology. Other websites for filling out divorce documents use flawed software technologies to complete your divorce documentation. Mediation support in Massachusetts If irreconcilable differences is cited as a reason for the divorce, mediation may be ordered to help the couple decide if divorce is truly the best option.

Divorce forms in Massachusetts Massachusetts forms produced by OnlineDivorce. Divorce in Massachusetts online. Get your completed divorce forms and save thousands in legal fees. Filing fees for divorce in Massachusetts When you file your divorce papers, the court will charge filing fees that may vary by county. How long will it take?

Online Divorce in Massachusetts

Here is how OnlineDivorce. We complete the necessary forms for clients based on the answers they give in a simple guided online interview - clients do not need to read through the legal jargon and try to figure out how to fill out those forms yourself.

Uncontested Divorce in Massachusetts | DivorceNet

The court may ask you for documents showing why you need the court to pay your costs. You can keep your address secret from your spouse if you need to do this to stay safe. File a motion that asks the court to "impound" hide your address. Write on the motion form why it is not safe for your spouse to find out where you live. Look at a sample Motion to Impound Address and attached Affidavit. You may have to wait some time before you get a trial date.

The time you have to wait before you get a trial date, depends on how you file for divorce:. The reason or "grounds" you have for getting a divorce make a difference to what happens after you file your Complaint. It also makes a difference if your spouse files an Answer to your Complaint. If no court date has been scheduled, the clerk will schedule; a "Case Management Conference" and send you notice of it.

The Case Management Conference will be at least 30 days after you file the return of service. At the Case Management Conference, the next court date will be assigned or the judge can hear the case and make a decision if the case is uncontested. If the return of service or an answer has been filed, but no court date has been scheduled, the clerk will schedule a "Case Management Conference" and send you notice of it.