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Below are passport guidelines as of April , however they are subject to change. Although a passport is not required at this time for U.

Having a passport will enable guests to fly from the U. For both security and immigration purposes, each guest is responsible for bringing all necessary travel documents and identification required for the cruise itinerary. However, any guest who will be traveling without a passport will need proof of citizenship such as one of the following:. Children are also required to bring proof of citizenship, and if 16 and over, a photo ID is also required. Canadian and Bermudian citizens are required to have a passport for air, land and sea travel.

Birth certificates from Puerto Rico issued prior to July 1, are not valid forms of proof of citizenship that is accepted by U. Customs and Border Protection. Guests from Puerto Rico either need to present a WHTI-compliant document or a government-issued photo identification with a validated birth certificate issued after July 1, Alien Residents require a valid Alien Resident Card and, in some cases, a passport depending on itinerary.

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Guest must check with their consulate or appropriate government authority to determine if their nationality requires they also bring a passport along with their Alien Resident Card. Card renewal is an important matter.

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  • If your ARC was issued over 10 years ago, you should check the expiration date printed on the front of the card. If your card is expired, or it is about to expire, you should renew your card before you sail.

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    Customs and Border Protection highly suggests that you apply for a new card before you sail. All guests of nationalities other than United States must have a valid passport for six months beyond the period of their intended stay in the United States along with any and all valid visas if applicable.

    For the estimated 8. Not only do they not have the legal right to live and work in America, but many cannot prove their own identity. Lack of identification prevents undocumented immigrants from accessing the few public and private services that are available to them and intensifies their fear of contact with police and other official institutions.

    U.S. Passports

    The events of September 11 and the scrutiny of undocumented immigrants that followed deepened this anxiety. In this light, many of the estimated 4. The ID cards have given undocumented immigrants a sense of security but have been received with mixed reactions by public and private institutions.

    A sharp debate on the merits of consular IDs has engaged the public, political circles, the media, the private sector, immigration authorities, and law enforcement agencies.

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    On the one hand, proponents of such programs say the cards protect immigrants, their families, and communities by facilitating their ability to open bank accounts, access some limited public services, and work with authorities to resolve crimes and other social ills. On the other hand, critics question whether undocumented immigrants should have access to such services, and assert that consular ID programs subvert U. How this debate shapes up is likely to have significant consequences for millions of undocumented immigrants. It is also likely to have a bearing on how the United States shapes its domestic security efforts.

    Immigrants Can Now Get Mexican Birth Certificates in U.S.

    Understanding the debate requires examining several key aspects of the consular ID programs, including the extensive Mexican program, the cards' relationship to immigrant banking and remittances, the effect on local law enforcement, and the prospects for developing such programs for other countries. The ID card is a way for the Mexican government to keep track of its citizens for consular and tax purposes, collect data on them, and provide them with what the government considers to be a basic human right: the ability to identify oneself.

    If the applicant cannot provide these documents, the consulate confirms the applicant's identity by investigating his or her background through authorities in Mexico. Additionally, the applicant must provide some proof of their address in the U.

    Mexico Consulates Issue Birth Certificates To Undocumented Migrants In The US

    The information, card number, and a digital photo of the applicant are recorded by the consulate and sent to a central registry in Mexico. Critics say that the documents used to verify identity and citizenship when the cards are issued can be falsified. Sophisticated tamper-proof holograms make the cards extremely difficult to forge or modify.

    The cards identify the holder, certify that he or she is a Mexican citizen, and give his or her birthplace and U. The cards are issued without regard to immigration status and give no immigration information. Mexicans in the U.

    After SB 4, Mexican Consulate Hotline Sees Nearly Percent Increase in Texas Calls

    First, anxiety over identification following September 11 prompted Mexicans to apply for the card in droves. In response to that anxiety and demand, the Mexican government began to market the cards through its network of 47 consulates in the U. The intense outreach proved effective. In , Mexico issued over 1.

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    It also conducted a well-organized campaign to educate U. The campaign targeted two fundamental needs of undocumented Mexican immigrants: the ability to identify oneself to local law enforcement and the ability to access financial services in order to save and remit money. Even before September 11, lack of identification posed a problem for undocumented immigrants who wanted to open a bank account or send money home.

    Some 43 percent of Latinos in the U. The above statistics were obtained from the Privacy Rights Clearing House website. Vital Records. Contact us at or send an email to tbowe cityofyoakum. The requesting organization should NOT make a copy or keep a copy due to the amount of private information. Some government agencies such as the Social Security Administration or Passport Office require documents to be submitted with the application but later will return all such documentation to the owner.

    A birth certificate can only be issued 10 times within that individuals lifetime Title 25, Texas Administrative Code.